PlastSystem AB designs a custom injection mould using SOLIDWORKS

3DMetPrint / PlastSystem AB

PlastSystem AB designs a custom injection mould using SOLIDWORKS. 3DMetPrint uses ProX 300 3D printer to deliver injection moulds to PlastSystem AB with remarkable surface smoothness and accurate geometry – within 48 hours. They have significantly short lead times and small product runs are now possible thanks to PLM Group, 3DSystems and SOLIDWORKS. 

PlastSystem AB deal with demanding customers from the medical, furniture and lighting industries who routinely expect short turnaround times. Not just that, their product runs are also quite small. In this particular instance, they had a customer who required products made from polypropylene and polypropylene with glass fiber.

Quick and easy changes

PlastSystem conceptualized and designed the injection mould in SOLIDWORKS. This was done in their own tool shop so they had total control over the process with changes and modifications being made quickly and easily. The design file was then sent to 3D MetPrint for final metal printing of the injection mould.

The material used was for printing the injection mould was Maraging Steel 1.2709. The hardness of the material in printed condition was around 37 Rockwell (HRC) and that could easily be hardened up to 55-57 Rockwell (HRC). The total manufacturing time for this injection mould was about 48 hours.

After minor post-processing of the injection mould, it was delivered to PlastSystem less than a week after the order was placed.

PLM Group and SOLIDWORKS come together

Today, PlastSystem is using the injection moulds to produce moulded products in polypropylene and polypropylene with glass fiber.

And this is how PLM Group and SOLIDWORKS have come together to help 3DMetPrint and PlastSystem to add efficiency to injection moulding.

3DMetPrint / PlastSystem AB

"3DMetPrint is a service center for Nordic countries running one of the few advanced metal printers. We invested in this technology because it is a new possibility to manufacture metal parts that has not been possible before."

Erling Svensson